Saturday, August 8, 2009

CIMPA : Lepat Ketan Ala Karonese Food


• 1 / 2 kg of white sticky rice
• 2 grains of coconut
• 1 / 2 kg of palm sugar
• 30 pieces of leaf singkut (alternative banana leaves)

directions :
sticky rice flour mixed with 1 1 / 2 cup of white water, such as diadon make the dough in the making of Egypt Martabak, intervention dengn dough 1 tablespoon Margarine or coconut oil

coarse shredded coconut, and inserted into the liquid palm sugar is heated, bubuhi with vanilla secukupnya (alternative pandan leaves) heat palm sugar and coconut until slightly dry. This will serve as the core of the cake will be made

Rinse leaves with the oil singkut eat or Margarine (not to be sticky at the time of laying the dough sticky rice) dirty / sticky rice handful capture ago Justify until quite thin on the singkut leaves, place the core of a mixture of coconut and palm sugar above. mix until dough bulatkan palm sugar and coconut are not visible, then wrapped with a leaf singkut.

kukuslah all cooked up more than 30 minutes dive.

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