Thursday, July 12, 2012

Avon Brochure | what's new at Avon campaign 9?

Avon Catalog Campaign 9 2012
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What's new in the Avon brochure 9?

I wish to inform my clients some great deals Avon in Avon brochure. One of the great new Avon Beauty products Avon campaign 9-advanced techniques professional hair color. Avon finally introduced the hair color that you can make at home. It is too good to be true!  Salon hair color at home with affordable 5-piece set.

Here's what the kit includes:
Instructions-learn how to apply hair color.--Pre-treatmentPrepares your hair. As a result, the color is evenly absorbed from roots to tips.Developer lotion--to prepare for the treatment of the color of your hair. Dye Cream-100% grey cover with cream drip.After the treatment-Leaves hair soft, silky and deeply moisturized with Shea butter. Vinyl gloves-for easy use of color.Want tips on how to apply hair color? please visit
Want a free gift from the Avon? for every $ 24.99 purchase pages 15-37 9 Avon brochure, you will get a free Pearlesque Stretch rhinestone bracelet valued at $ 19.99.

13 may-mother's day. Avon has a wonderful selection of gifts for MOM or any woman in your life in their mother's day gift boutique Avon. Show your love to your MOM with a special gift from the catalog Avon mother's day. Shop boutique gifts mother's day Avon.

These are just a few carefully selected events in the Avon brochure 9. View all Avon brochure for more incredible offers from Avon campaign 9. Remember Avon guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied, you can exchange or return any item and get your money back. When buying Avon online, save your packing slip with your return label. Call 1-866-500-2866 Avon customer service with any problems and product returns.  Get a risk-free guarantee with Avon. Why not try the product today? Shop my Avon online store at this link Avon. Get free shipping on order $ 30 with Avon coupon code FS30REP.

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