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Best error protection for families 
Avon bug guard Review
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Read this great review for Avon bug guard Nicole Feliciano of MomTrends. Nicole has allowed me to post her Avon bug guard Review article from May 15, 2012 year. Check this article and more at Mommy trends here.

Mosquitoes love me. I'm a big bug magnet. I'll admit, even using heavy things to avoid being eaten alive when I like fresh air.This weekend, I was checking out the latest from Avon: error guard Essentials. We took them to some hard terrain – even evening along the Housatonic River. Score? Error 0 Nicole happy.
The line has four elements all in the family so soft skin (prices range from $ 10-$ 16) and include anti-itching spray, bug sprays and with a list of products that provide protection from the Sun and bug protection.

We tested the skin so soft bug guard plus Picaridin ($ 14 to $ -16) and so soft bug guard plus skin lotions ($ 14).
First, let me tell you how much the kids loved Cool 'n fabulous disappearing color lotion. He was bold, bright blue. Lucky girl, and then when we rubbed her blue walked away without much effort (the girls were a little bit disappointed they wouldn't get to be blue all day). So to recap the color disappeared, but not protection. A great sunscreen and the best part? Error stayed away. Even during horseback riding lessons.This line is DEET-free and works to keep mosquitoes and ticks in the Bay giving complete protection SPF 30 for children.
Later that day we went to a cookout on the River. I knew that bugs are blood thirsty after a long winter. We only use bug guard plus one times and were able to enjoy days outdoors without a nibble.
Right now you can get this amazing Tote and eight products for $ 50

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Thanks, Nicole, excellent overview and the testimony of the best family protection error, Avon bug guard.

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