Thursday, January 23, 2014

Best Price for Wood Stove with Blower

Are you need a new wood stove with blower? I recommend you buy Wood Stove with Blower from US Stove. As for its specifications are as follows

    Ash large pan makes cleaning easy
    Has a 21 inch log capacity
    Quiet 100 CFM blower included; but the Installation materials are NOT included
    This stove can be received in Washington state where so many stoves are restricted
1 . That produces a LOT of heat . Make sure you put large area .
2 . Feature cleaning the air in a beautiful glass function unless the fire is fully damped and then point to get a little dirty .
3 . Blower in the back of the drive. Variable speed function works poorly. That prompted a good hot air when heated stove .
4 . Damper rod is released vs. left / right sliding it is difficult to " dial " the damper where it works best .
5 . House fire in the stove gas directed fragile . My wife is a crack in the first half of the week we had a stove.
6 . Looks like 6 hours is the best that we get a proper burn time but packed with wood and fully damped . ( It is not recommended )
7 . The door latch and hinge hardware seems a bit weak . I'll probably buy some spare parts so that I can have them when I need them .
8 . I do not fully understand the science of new wood stove , but it feels like fire should be quite hot before it burns visible secondary exaust gas . ( This can be seen by a fire that originated from small holes in the tubes that line the top of a gas stove that heated spent to burn )
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