Monday, December 6, 2010


Another of Luwak Coffee

On the world we can see coffe bean much, Robusta coffe bean, Arabica coffee bean, Cuba coffee bean... from Indonesian country is sidikalang coffee bean, Gayo coffee bean and Java coffee bean. Sidikalang coffee bean is coffee bean from north Sumatra, this coffee plantation have been since 1973 some adventurers from Spanish bring the seed to this region. Gayo coffee bean is coffee bean from Aceh. Java coffee bean is coffee bean from Java island other name of this coffee is “kopi tubruk”.

So far drinking coffee culture of Sumatrans and Javanese are different... on Sumatran people like coffee less of sugar but Javanese people usually consumed coffee with more sugar.  If we want to see on the market, instant coffee more popular than classic coffee... cause instant coffee is more practice to made and without residue.

In Indonesia, dry coffee bean only $2.5/ Kg, and $5/ Kg for coffee powder. Any people on Sumatran usually combine coffee bean with cocoa bean for self consumed... they are talk the taste more delicious... but I never try it... so I can’t explain how the taste on this page...

If you want to buy original Sidikalang coffee, this for your references: color of powder is not black but brown, no corn smell in there. 

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