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oolong tea benefitbenefits oolong tea

Process oxidation in Oolong tea, makes it’s more efficacious than other tea types. This tea is able to drive the bad cholesterol to treat dermatitis.

The emergence of various new drinks, make we forgotten tea benefit. Tea is not refreshing only, but the also very beneficial to maintaining health. Many types of tea can be selected as an alternative to making a person healthier. Which One is Oolong tea “has many benefits”.

Polyphenol compounds, theanin, mineral content, and alkaloids in tea is important role for health. Many Doctors, said that the polyphenols in Oolong tea helps perfection enzymes work superxide dismutase (SOD). It is also efficacious to get rid of free radicals, because these polyphenols have antioxidant power 100 times greater than vitamin C.

"A cup of Oolong tea or more per day, will make our body healthy always," Polyphenol compounds in tea have health benefits is the catechins (catechin) and its derivatives, Epigallokatekin. addition, the theaflavins also act as antioxidants in counteracting free radicals. Free radicals is the great enemy of health and beauty.

In Chinese, oolong means "black dragon or black snake.” Various legends explain of this name. There is a legend tells of the Oolong tea. The emergence of a black dragon to make a tea garden owner to leave the tea that was drying.

A few days later, he went back to where he is drying his tea. He was surprised to find the tea leaves have been oxidized by the sun and provide a tasty brew results.

Oolong tea comes from one species of tea plant Camellia Sinensis. Polyphenols contained therein has its benefits as an antioxidant. So, what difference Oolong tea than other tea? The difference is in making process and drying. All tea is green when picked. Green tea is obtained by heating, to block the natural enzymatic reaction (oxidation) leaves. Once dried, the green tea leaves then rolled with the intention the cell structure in it.

While oolong tea are picked, then placed under certain conditions with humidity and temperature to allow oxidation. The oxidation process is only done half-way (complete oxidation will form a black tea). Oolong tea leaves are not made to break, so some leaf cell structure is still relatively intact. This difference is makes the process of every kind of tea has a distinct advantage, though derived from the leaves of the same plant.

Oxidation half is what actually gives substantial benefits, even considered the best of other fermented tea types (green tea and black tea). In addition to being antioxidants, this tea is also potent in reducing weight. According to research, high antioxidant content of the oxidation process and a half making Oolong tea speed up metabolism in the body, so that those who regularly drink Oolong tea to benefit burn calories more quickly than those who do not.

"Oolong tea is provides health benefits such as lowering levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), lowers the risk of cancer, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and prevents a stroke, lose weight, and increase stamina. Mainly Antioxidants in tea make blood vessels flexible, so that the kidneys will better.

Dermatitis patients can reap the benefits of this tea. More again, a Japanese study says that regular consumption of Oolong tea, a powerful press dermatitis or eczema (inflammation of the skin to redness) which stubborn patient.

The study, published in Arch Dermatology claimed effects of moderate consumption of Oolong tea for eczema sufferers have been seen within two weeks. With notes, patients taking Oolong tea three times daily after every meal. Indeed, when compared with green tea and black tea, Oolong tea has a sharper aroma and taste more sour and bitter. But for fans of tea, taste is what makes the delicious Oolong tea.

The best way to get the benefits of Oolong tea, drink one cup 30 minutes or 1 hour before the move, walk, or exercising.

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