Sunday, June 1, 2014

Enjoy feeding the critters!!

Fixed this up for the squirrels and bunnies this morning, and I just took a peek...three little wedges of watermelon are left in their pan!

We have a large field behind the property, and the city comes out to troll it, and there is absolutely no vegetation for them.

Yesterday, they had fresh corn on the cob, carrots, apples and strawberries. All gone.

I use to feed the birds here too until the neighbor across the way starting leaving his two cats out, I stopped. Those cats were always looking for birds...of course!! It is what they do.

He just moved out Tuesday...Yay!! Cats went with him, so I will be feeding them again, and going shopping for seeds! Going to be a hot summer, and I love taking care of the critters.

I am certain if I lived in the woods, I would have many, many friends. I love nature, and this is probably about as close as I will ever really get to these little ones...I use to think I would love to live in the mountains...too many fires in Ca., and I couldn't handle it, so that is out.

Does anyone else have any interesting critters around their place? Would love to hear your stories!!

Have a lovely day!!

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