Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cosmetic Surgery in bad economy

I hear people say everyday that with the current economy they are concerned about spending money on themselves to improve their appearance.  I have two responses.  First, taking care of yourself should always be a priority.  We typically are very poor at catering to our own needs and wishes, often putting those of others first.  IT is important to take care and treat ourselves to the extras in life on a regular basis.  This helps us feel better and thereby, perform better.  Both at home and at work.

Second, with the current state of the economy, the job market, and competition, now more than ever, is looking your best important.  Like it or not, your appearance (including age) can affect sales and the job market.  Looking healthy and younger can make you more competitive at both.

So improving or maintaining your appearance, whether with a face lift, eyelid surgery, or skin care, maybe more important today then ever before.  Find out what options are available by consulting with a qualified plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

The Plastic Surgery Story
I recently presented at a public seminar..”Bail out for the entire body”.  A joint seminar with presentations from The Green Room Spa, Baird Financial, fitness experts, medical hypnotist.  When I was thinking about what topic to address, I considered talking about the usual things: breast augmentation, face lifts, tummy tucks etc.  As a thought more and more I realized that this event was going to be filled with presenters and guests that each had a story to tell.  A story of how the got to this point in life….good or bad.  And with the economy in the tank, many might be bad.

I decided to forgo the usual plastic surgery lecture, and tell the story, and my story, of plastic surgery.  I took the audience through the proud history of this specialty.  From its roots in reconstructing soldiers with devastating injuries in WWI and WWII…to a plastic surgeon who pioneered kidney transplants surgery…to cosmetic surgery.  As I told the story, I saw the audience eyes open up and realize why plastic surgery is so special.  And what separates a surgeon trained and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery from ‘others’ who try and perform cosmetic surgery.  Yes a Plastic Surgeon is also a Cosmetic Surgeon, but a Cosmetic surgeon is not necessarily and Plastic Surgeon. 

Beyond just the basic skills training difference, a plastic surgeon has also developed certain intangibles.  An aesthetic eye for beauty and what is right, and more importantly…compassion.  For a plastic surgeon sees each patient as a person with a goal for improvement, not just a source of revenue.  This understanding and compassion is the heart and soul of the plastic surgery story.  Without it, I doubt that we would have seen, and will continue to see, the magnificent advances in medicine and surgery offered by plastic surgeons.

I never take for granted my responsibility to my patient’s.  My obligation to listen, to offer solutions with integrity, based on sound medical judgment and not dollars and sense.

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