Monday, June 2, 2014

Mini Taco's and everything fresh!

Well tonight for dinner, I made chicken tacos!

I shop at Cardenas for all of my fresh fruits and vegetables, and they also have a section in the store where fresh tortillas are made all day long!

Cardenas is like an huge indoor farmers market on one side of the store, huge....with nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables. One whole long display heaped full of nothing but different types of peppers alone.

Big bins of rice, beans.

I bought cucumbers at six for .99 cents.

Stater Bros. grocery store they are .79 cents each!

Limes were 6 pounds for .99 cents!

Staters are .25 cents each!

Romaine lettuce is 1.49 to 1.89 at Staters, and I got mine...2 big bunches for .99 cents!
See what I mean? I have to drive in a different direction to get there, but it is always worth it. It isn't far, just another direction. Always, always full of shoppers and all registers are open!

My salsa was also made fresh this afternoon! It is fabulous, and I couldn't make it better for the price I paid for a spreadable butter sized container!

So I bought the mini corn tortillas, and cooked up some nice large chicken thighs I also bought there...seasoned with salt, pepper, I through in some dried parsley and a sprig of cilantro.

Chopped up the chicken well, put some freshly made Salsa Fresca on top, a few chopped onions, cilantro....on mom's I put some cheese, me no. Served with lime wedges!

I had two, mom had three! Ha Ha They are the mini's, so for one taco, two tortilla shells, perfectly heated on the griddle with a little oil I put on with a paper towel...has to have something!

The picture is just a cartoon type picture, I didn't take a picture of my plate, it is just for a little color on the post!

They were fabulous!

I love Mexican food so much, and could eat it everyday of the week! lol

Okay, just thought I would share that!
Have a great evening!

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