Friday, August 8, 2014

Couple of pinnies - vintage

Since I've been under the weather some healthwise, I have mainly been cross-stitching. I have also been making some other pincushions for a swap in IHS yahoo group. So thought I would show you the few I've finished. I have more I'd like to get done soon. The first one is a felted wool circle stuffed and glued into a small tin tart pan that to me looks like a small cupcake. I stitched a white icing section to the top and then beaded the entire icing part.

Couple of pinnies - vintage

This next one is a vintage piece of quilt stuffed and glued into an old vintage zinc canning lid. I then stitched a bunny from felted wool fabric and added a glass bead for an eye and beading around the base of the bunny.
vintage piece bunny

The last 2 are cross stitched with added vintage fabric and tatted trim.
These were quick and easy to make.
vintage fabric and tatted trim

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