Friday, August 8, 2014

super easy sweater pattern knitting

It's been a while since I posted, between the craziness of the kids going back to school and the upcoming holidays I haven't had much time to post. I've also had to put my sewing on hold for a while, I do tend to craft in spurts and switch back & forth between several interests...

knit pattern pink sweaterI haven't crocheted anything in probably about 5 years. I used to do it daily and made TONS of things, but after a while my fingers really started bothering me, and then when my youngest was born my hands were busy with other things like holding binkies & changing diapers.

I made her this pink sweater last week, I was mostly checking the sizing of the fit of the pattern because I wanted to make her a few things for when she starts kindergarten next year. The pattern is called Girl's Lacy Sweater by Sharon Volkman, and it was a free download.

I made the smallest size in Red Heart Super Saver Petal Pink, and it fits her pretty good at the moment (I have to turn back the cuffs though).

All in all I really love this pattern. It's very easy and works up quickly, I made the pink sweater in about a day and a half. However, since my goal was to make her a sweater she could wear next year I decided that the body of the sweater was a tad short for that purpose. Which was good, it was a perfect excuse to go out and buy some rainbow colors and make the sweater again (because all 5 year old little girls should own one piece of rainbow clothing).

knitting pattern rainbow sweater
For this rainbow sweater I added two rows to the bottom of the body to make it just a bit longer, so it should fit her perfectly next year. I love, love, LOVE the rainbow stripes on this, makes it such a happy piece to look at. She loves it too, she keeps pulling it out of her closet & asking to wear it. I don't have any illusions of thinking that the white is going to stay this pristine once she starts wearing it regularly...but it feels good to make something that makes my child feel this happy and special.
easy knit pattern grey sweater
Before I ran out and got the rainbow yarn, my older daughter requested a cardigan. Specifically she asked for a Harry Potter cardigan in the Gryffindor colors, but after wasting a good bit of time and a lot of yarn trying to make my own pattern I finally tossed in the towel and bought this Girls Classic Cardigan by Lisa van Klaveren of Holland Designs. This one is made in Heather Gray Red Heart Super Saver yarn. It looks a little wonky in the picture because I made it in a size 8 but it's hanging on a size 4 dressform.

This is a super easy pattern and works up almost as quickly as the Girls Lacy Sweater. I love the texture of it, and that its designed to be form-fitting (both of my girls are thin with long torso's, so the typical baggy cardigan patterns either don't fit right or look like they're wearing inflated balloons). However, I wish I had checked my gauge before I started because it came out small...really small. I made the cardigan following the size 8 instructions...but it came out fitting more like a size 6. It didn't stop my daughter from wearing it to school the day after it was finished though, she just said she told everyone it was made to have 3/4 length sleeves. I know she isn't crazy about the color of it, but that just gives me an excuse to make her another one (and this time check my gauge beforehand).

Now I'm trying to stash-bust some of the leftover yarn from the rainbow sweater...maybe a few scarves or hats are on the horizon? I'm not sure, I haven't decided yet.

Happy crafting!

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